Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just Checking In!

Just wanted to "check in"! Nothing new going on, yet there is a lot of work going on! We are busy getting ready for the holidays that are approaching rapidly. Would you believe I have to go out to shop tomorrow! Believe it or not, I really don't relish it but I figure if I go on Monday morning when everyone else is at work or school, I should be able to get a lot accomplished. I have only about 4 gifts I need to purchase anyway.

I continue to clean----I am telling you, I must be getting old. I can remember when I could clean my house in a morning---now it takes me all day to do one room! It could be because I am easily distracted and I have been known to set on the side of the bed reading a magazine (quilting of course), from a pile that I was suppose to be rearranging or worst yet, throwing away. Our oldest son and his wife are arriving on Thursday morning, so at least I have the guest bedroom and bath all clean and smelling good. The door is closed and grand babies know that it is off limits! Now I have our bedroom and bath to clean--then it will be time to start all over again to have the house looking nice for our son. In between I am trying to get a friends quilt quilted and do a little of my own quilting done. Oh well, "such is life".

I was looking over my list of quilts I completed and I completed 19! Wow, that is an average of more than 1 per month. Pretty good huh! Included in these were some UFO's. Unfortunately, for every UFO I completed, I added 2 more! I am working really hard to complete my "Lego" quilt ("Spontaneous Combustion") before the New Year. I completed 4 blocks today, but honestly don't know how many more I have to go. I am about half finished, so hopefully I can get them done within the remaining 2 weeks. I know I will not have it quilted, but I am really liking this quilt and an anxious to see it in its finished glory.

Well, the Grands put up "the children's" tree today and will return tomorrow to put up the "formal" tree. I am going to bake some cookies and will hopefully have pictures to share tomorrow.

Take care and "see" you tomorrow!

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  1. Wow! 19 quilts! That's a terrific record. I'm with you about making more UFO's, tho. I'm sure I'll end with more than I started. Enjoy the grands!! Lane


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