Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Quilt!

Zuri had their holiday party on Saturday! This is such a great group of ladies and I am so thankful to have found them. They are too much fun and can they cook! Nicole shared her home and hospitality, and it truly was a "holiday" party.

We had a challenge--we drew a bag that contained a crayon and a alphabet letter about 4 months ago. The challenge was to make a quilt using the color of the crayon and use the alphabet in the quilt in some way. My color was purple (my fav) and the alphabet was R. I decided to really challenge myself and do something I had not tried before and that I didn't like. This quilt was a REAL challenge for me! I used applique (which I hate); put on embellishments (which I NEVER use---in this case yo-yo's), and made the quilt without a real pattern. The base is a Turning Twenty and although I had seen a quilt like this in a magazine, I didn't have the pattern (the original had a lot more applique). I just sorta took an idea and made it my own. I also used some trapunto (sp) under the plates and my Circle Lord to do some trapunto (sp) quilting. This took me the entire 4 months to complete. So many times I just wanted to give up. For those of you following my blog, I think you remember me complaining (whining) about it).

What made this "win" even more special was my Guild Sisters voted for it! There some beautiful and creative quilts presented and "Midnight Garden" won by only 2 points above a creative piece of art by Judi. My prize was 11-yard pieces of batik---. BTW---R stood for round---the shape of the plates.

I am happy!


  1. Now see! That wasn't so hard was it?!!? It turned out great -- I really like it. But then I knew it would win! It really is fantastic, love the dresden plates and how they turned out!
    Have fun planning what to do with all the yards of batiks you won!!
    They look yummy!!

  2. Cool quilt! And, the story of what you started with as inspiration is wonderful. Glad you won!!! Lane


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