Sunday, December 4, 2011

Early Christmas Gift (and Birthday)!

I am one of those "fortunate" people who have a birthday right before Christmas. When I was growing up, I can remember my Daddy saying "Patti-Anne, your birthday is so close to Christmas, you will get your birthday presents at Christmas". That never really seemed fair to me--since I hadn't chosen my birthday, why did I have to have mine consolidated? In those days though, you kept those thoughts to yourself and didn't share them with parents, so I smiled my sweetest smile (hoping I would get LOTS of birthday/Christmas gifts) and said "okay, Daddy, I understand".

Unfortunately for my middle son, his birthday is even closer to Christmas than mine---December 15 vs. December 8. I NEVER told him that though, and we always tried to make his birthday special. We had a celebration and his birthday was the day we put up the Christmas tree---still do. Fast forward to this year, I am still getting my Birthday AND Christmas present all in one. I am getting new hardwood floors downstairs in the foyer, guest bath, downstairs den, kitchen and hall! They delivered the wood last week (it has to sit in the house for 5 days) and the contractors will start to lay it around Wednesday. When we purchased this house it had sit empty for a while and hadn't really been "loved" much, even when people lived in it. We did a lot of renovation just to move in, but I always wanted hardwood floors. The foyer has a dark cherry down, and until we had people come in to measure for the other floor, I thought it was wood---no--it is a very good laminate. Since I couldn't match it anyway, I am having it pulled up as well. The kitchen has the ugliest tile I have ever seen---no matter how I scrub, it looks dirty. The wood I chose is a light cherry---which will age to a golden color. It will warm up the room and really add a lot to the personality of the house. My next task will be to pull down wallpaper in the guest bathroom and hall upstairs bath. I also intend to tile the back splash in the kitchen. I am excited! I am going to get some new slipcovers for the sofa---bright ones (can't afford new furniture) and maybe some new curtains. Just do a new make-over--room by room. Now if I could just figure out a way to have a real quilting studio like my friend Judi! Maybe next year for my "birthday/Christmas" present :c)

Nothing new on the quilting front---just trying to get all my projects done between laundry and grading papers. I went to church this morning and decided to have take-out chicken for dinner. Less mess and my family loves it. All is well!


  1. My Dad's birthday is the 23rd. We still make a big deal about it, even tho it's only two days before. Don't think they did that when he was a kid. We need new floors, but this year was not the year. Maybe next. I guess we got a kid instead. Think I can trade her in for Bellawood? lw

  2. What fun it'll be to see the change when I come in April! Having a daughter with a birthday 2 weeks after Christmas, I can totally understand the "too close to Christmas" syndrome!!


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