Thursday, January 29, 2015

Moving that UFO to Completion!!!!

As you can see, I did a little updating on my blog.  Like everyone else, I like a little variety and the "same old" gets "old".

I am also trying really hard to address my "goal" list of 2015.  I looked through my UFO's and this one was on top so I pulled it out and am working diligently to complete it.  I LOVE scrappy (as you know)---it just makes me smile and this is truly a scrappy quilt.  Everyone has heard of Bonnie Hunter and although I am pretty sure she didn't create this pattern, it is on her web site under the free tab.  It is called "Scrappy Trip Around the World".   I started it last year (I think) and for some reason put it aside although I found a box of 2.5 strips I had cut and the printed pattern in it.  It is going to be a king size quilt and since it is already so large, I am not going to add a border.  The first two full rows were completed to establish the pattern and size and so I am working from that.

I didn't get the entire quilt in the picture, but you get the idea!  I am loving this!  If you do not already have one, and like quilts like this, I would suggest getting a reducing glass.  It really helps arranging your colors so you get the pattern.  It is strange how when you "eye ball" this quilt, you don't always see the pattern.  In looking at the picture I see one area I might need to rearrange (I might just leave it though since handmade, unlike commercial is NOT perfect), but other than that, you can really see the diamonds.  The area that looks like there are no blocks, is a brown fabric that looks like my carpet on the picture.  In reality it is a brown with gold polka dots.  This is also going to be an easy quilt to complete, since with so much going on (and a trillion seams), it is a waste of time to quilt a fancy pattern.  I think I will either just use a simple large stipple, or maybe the wavy CL board I have for texture.  Oh by the way, I press all my seams open---really helps when you a quilting a quilt with so many---the quilt lies flatter.  Takes a little more time to press, but the results are worth it---at least in my opinion.

More later!  Have a great Thursday and thank you so very much for stopping by~

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad you started working again on my quilt! :-)

    I was actually thinking about pulling my strips & squares out and work on one myself. Either this one or an Irish chain. Thought it might get my mojo running again! Mmm could do it in 30s since I have so many of those!


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