Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quilting Update-----

I started quilting on my Granddaughter's quilt.  I really love the polka dot back.  I didn't have enough of either the big or little dots so I mixed them.   I am using one of the CL Boards...since the quilt has sharp angles, I chose one with lots of swirls.  You can't really see the texture in the pictures, but it should really show up after I wash it.

My machine is still working well!!!!!  NO problems at all although I did have to adjust the tension a little with the black thread in the bobbin.  I am still getting little dots, but there is no way you can not get them with a different color in the top and bottom.....but the stitches don't look bad at all!!!

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  1. Hi Patricia, I love your quilt. I would never have chosen these colours, but now I have seen them, they look sensational, especially with the spotty backing.


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