Friday, February 13, 2015

Update to the Update!!

So okay---normally I try to not really stress about my quilting.  I have found that if a point is cut off a little, or if I have to ease a little, it will all work out in the end.   Unfortunately, dI didn't feel this way about my block being 2 inches off.   Since the Moda Building Block quilt is comprised of 48 blocks of varying sizes, each one MUST be the correct size if it is going to fit together.  I got on the internet and started searching, looking for blog owners who had made the quilt and blogged about it---remember there are NO directions and the pictures are not true pictures but art ones.  I finally found a blog owner who said that the inner square would "float"---ah-ah!  I thought it was oversized and so had trimmed it down.  Out came the fabrics again and I remade the block.  I didn't have enough of the dusty rose fabric, but I found red, which I actually like better.  This is a 36 1/2 inch block!

The block looks wrinkly, but it isn't.  I normally take pictures on my wood floor and I think the carpet has static---it is cold outside and very dry inside.  At any rate I am NOT remaking it.   Whatever it is, it will "quilt out".  My points are pretty good---again, once quilted you will not be able to really tell that 1/100th of an inch that is off.  

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