Friday, February 13, 2015


The "Trip" is coming right along.  I make it two rows at a time and I have 50% of the next two rows done.  After I finish them, I will have just 3 more rows and then it will be finished!!!!

Of course, my short "quilting attention span" and Pintrest has gotten me in trouble.  I have been seeing all these Moda Modern Quilt's.  Really interesting!  so (of course) I ordered the pattern.  I am determined to NOT buy any fabric, but use what I have.  I got the pattern--interesting format and began making the blocks today.

The pattern is on individual cards with the block pattern on them (front and back).  This pattern is for a quilter with some experience, certainly not for the beginner.  There are no real directions, just measurements for cutting the fabric and a diagram of how to put the block together.  I was very careful in cutting the fabric, but because there were not even measurements of what each component should measure, instead of a 36" unfinished block, I ended up with a 34.5".  When I started to put it together, the parts were over sized and had to be cut down.

Although the pattern uses all solids, I am mixing polka dots in mine and not really following the color combinations, using what I have instead.  I am not really going to worry much about the size, if necessary I can add some fillers in if it is a problem in putting it together.  At any rate, this is going to be a long-term project.  I will make a block a week (or so).  I have to lug all those fabrics back upstairs to my fabric closet and only bring down the colors for each block.   The pale blue around the center is a polka dot.  I like it.  Not all blocks will have dots in them, but it I still think this is going to be a nice quilt.

I also ordered a couple of new patterns, and for my valentine gift, I ordered a base extender for my longarm.  I think I am ready to start doing ruler work.

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