Friday, February 6, 2015

I KNOW, but-----

I know I said I was NOT going to start another quilt while I was working on one---but....
the "Trip" quilt, is a "trip", or maybe it is just that I have a short "quilt attention span".

I had purchased some charm packs of minky, I think last year.  It was a very good buy and I got about 6 packs of 20 five inch squares.   I thought they would make a really couple of nice baby "rag" quilts but never got around to beginning them.  I was straightening up the area and found them and thought, simple sewing, why not break up the "trip" and make it.  Since it is a baby quilt it really shouldn't take a lot of time.

WRONG----if you ever thought about making a minky quilt out of 5 inch squares---just say "no".  The stuff stretches--there are some plain squares and some with dimples.  The dimples are actually larger than the plain squares.  As I was struggling trying to match seams, etc. I remembered I have a walking foot!  Once I put it on, it was better, but still lots of work.  At any rate---I finished it and now I am going to quilt it tomorrow.  I have decided to use a flannel backing since I really think the quilt needs some stabilizing (I originally was going to use minky on the back as well).  Hopefully, when it is washed, everything will be okay, since the flannel will shrink while the minky will not  ( I am going to use a poly batting)---but at any rate, it should make a really nice soft "blankey"...hopefully to stay that way even after washing.  It does look cheerful doesn't it?!?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Minkee squares. I bought some at the same time with the same idea. Now I might have to rethink that! LOL Really cute & colorful for a little one though.


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