Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Guess Who Just Won!!!

I entered a contest hosted by Rebecca at Ruby Blue Quilts to name her longarm.  I am a "follower" of her blog and read it daily as well as get inspiration from her quilting.  I take things very seriously and so really looked at her quilting and paid attention to the "vibes" I was receiving.  I suggested two names, one for a female persona (Allegra) and one for a male (Memphis).  She chose Memphis!!!! Her choice was because she really loves the movie "Gone In 60 Seconds" that has a main character named Memphis---I suggested it because her quilting has such a "bluesy, soulful" feeling, like the Memphis blues.  I chose her newest book as my prize.  I can't wait to receive it.  What fun!!!!!

Now on my quilty front---I am working extra hard to complete "String Fling"---my name.  I am now putting the borders on and should have a picture within the next couple of days.  Although string quilts are normally not that difficult for me, this one turned out to be since the string blocks, once cut into the Drunkard's Path, should be put together with the strings going alternately vertical and horizontal.  In addition there is the challenge of light vs. dark and vice versa to make the circles stand out.  At any rate, it will be finished soon and another UFO marked off the list!  I am not sure how to quilt it, but it will not go into the pile "to be quilted"----I want it done!!!!

Take care!!!

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