Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Break!!!!!!

I am on Spring Break for this week!!!!!!  Happy Dance!  I have lots to do, but I certainly intend to get some quilting in.  So now to update you!

I finished "The Trip".  Completely finished with the quilting, binding and label!!!!

 You can "sorta" see the texture created by the quilting.  At any rate it is HUGE!  I don't think I will ever quilt a quilt this big again (until this one wears out).

I also finished quilting and binding the "gift" quilt.

It really turned out nicely I think.  The polka dot backing is a nice touch.  I sure hope the little one who receives this will like it.

Since I have finished the UFO, I am now back to working on the Building Block quilt.  Huge blocks, that you would think would finish quickly, but takes longer than I would have expected.  Being true to my commitment, I am also going to work on a UFO.  I looked at my "pile" and this is one of the "oldies but goodies" (I have blogged about it previously).

This is made from recycled shirts---some of them belonging to my grandson when he was a little one.  It is rather time intensive---I have to take the shirts apart, cut them into strips, sew a strata and then cut the pieces and then make the block.   It is kinda tricky since the strips should alternate in the blocks.  It is nice and wonky---giving it a real vintage look that I am going for....sorta Gee's Bend-like!  This is 8 rows and I need to make 8 more so------

I pulled out my GO! and started cutting up some shirts I had already "de-boned" into strips (with my strip die) and will also use it to cut the Drunkard's Path blocks.  Without this tool I am absolutely positive I would not have chosen to make this quilt!  I LOVE tools that make things impossible, possible!!!!  Although I could probably use more variety in the shirts, I will not buy more but will use only what I have.  There may be some repeats, but I am good with that.

Onward!  I have lots to do!  Hopefully my "Quilt MoJo" will stay active and productive!

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  1. Congrats on your two finishes! I love your string blocks and how they play together! Lane


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