Thursday, June 25, 2009

Answers to Questions--

Thank you Kat and Zarina for your positive comments about my fabric. To answer your questions Kat----I have used three fabrics when I dye---200 count Muslin that would be great for machine applique since it doesn't ravel a lot; Quilters Cotton that I purchase at Joanne's (it looks like Kona cotton); and plain old inexpensive muslin---not the dirt cheap kind that is so thin you can see through it, but the next one up---about $2.99 I think. It seems to get thicker with the dyeing and hot wash. I use both unbleached and bleached muslin and I really can't see the difference. I have tried "overdyeing" fabric but at this point I haven't gotten good results.

I am going to experiment in making up my own recipes and try my hand at making solids. At this point my fabrics have lots of "movement" that I like, but sometimes a solid is what you want in quilting.

Although my DH thinks my fabrics are as nice as some you can buy, I have to plans to market them. If I did, my "hobby" would become a "job" and no longer fun! My grandchilden are intrigued that you can get so many colors from essentially three "pure" colors.


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  1. I LOVE the 200 thread count stuff! It really looks and feels like the batik fabrics you buy in stores when you are all done painting on them. I've not gotten into the dying, but I do occasionally paint fabrics using SetaColor paints. Keep up the good work!!



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