Monday, June 22, 2009

My Monday!

Today was another HOT day---the high today was 96 degrees! I had clinical today but we didn't have any patients so I let the students go home. It was their last day anyway, and they have a big test tomorrow, so needless to say they were happy!

Since it was so warm, I decided to dye today. I dyed 7.5 yards of fabric. I really liked the first batch I dyed--it was so bright, and wanted to replicate them. Unfortunately it was a kit and I really didn't have the "recipe". I improvised and I think used much too much dye, but the colors are very vibrate! I think I know how to make it better next time. The first batch I made were fat 1/8th's but this time I used FQ's (30 of them).
They are really pretty! Since I really rinse well, the yellow can be washed with the other colors and there is no fading! I will post pictures tomorrow, they are in the dryer right now.

We also had a storm! The wind was really blowing and in fact blew our neighbors tree down onto the wires. We were without electricity for a couple of hours. My DH however got to bring out his latest "toy", a generator. It works well so should we need it for any longer time (the electricity was only off for a couple of hours) we will not have to go long without electricity for key things in the house.

Well, have a good evening! I am really tired and really sleepy for some reason.


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