Thursday, June 18, 2009

It is HOT!!!

It is really hot here---in the low 90's with about 115% humidity!! Now don't get me wrong--I absolutely LOVE summer, but if I could have the sunshine with the temp in the 70's with NO humidity, I would be happier. I was going to dye today, since this is a good dyeing day, but I decided to stay inside and sew.

I also did what I always do--started a new project, instead of finishing up what I have. There is a mystery in the latest Quiltmaker by Bonnie Hunter. One of my friends in the Guild suggested we all do it. Of course, I can't participate with the others (they are going to trade 4 patches to get more variety) because I like BIG quilts. Besides I have a zillion 2.5 inch squares (when I lived in Florida one of the quilt shops gave 2.5 inch squares of her new fabrics to members of her "club" each month). The pattern calls for 2 inch squares. Since I am using bigger four patches, that meant all of the other segments of the mystery have to be made bigger. At any rate, I am not sure how big it will be, but I plan to add a border anyway to make it at least full size. So far I have only used fabric from my stash. I will see how it looks after it is put together and then decide if I need to purchase border fabric. Hopefully I will not.

I go to the beauty shop tomorrow and then when I come back I plan to do some dyeing and work on my Courthouse Steps Quilt. It is really turning out pretty! I am only using my hand dyes and they are really looking nice. It too will be big!--the original pattern was only 12 blocks (12.5 inches), mine will have 30 blocks however in a 5x6 layout. I have 13 made so I am almost half done. I really piece slowly since I press after every seam is sewn--since I press my seams open, it takes a bit longer. I don't care though because the blocks always lay flat--I do have to be careful since I do have a "heavy hand" when ironing (I know I should be "pressing").

Well, I am going to look at some dyeing recipes and rest a bit. Take care and have a great evening!!

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