Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday!

I really don't have a "Design Wall", but rather in this case, the picture is of my "Design Table" AKA my longarm table. I have finished all 100 blocks for my #6 UFO, and had begun to put them together, actually into 5 rows, but then didn't like how it looked, so I am taking them apart and putting them into this design. I actually think it will really look better. Because I used the almost white solid, the triangles will really stand out, looking much more graphic. I think I am going to gift this quilt-----if it looks nice enough after I have quilted it. That is the thing with gifting, if I keep a quilt I don't mind so much the "creative errors" that occur, but when I gift it I want to be as perfect as possible. Since there will be a lot of "white space", I am looking through my panto's for a "busy" one that will fill the spaces, yet not overpower the pattern (I don't do "custom"). Check Patchwork Times for the other "walls". I will try to link my wall, but for some reason I still continue to be "link challenged".

No school today!!!!!! We got about 3 inches of snow last night and there are still snow showers....see the pictures above of my backyard---we back up to a "forest". More snow is to move in tonight, so I may have another day at home tomorrow. I plan to sew, but I still need to get some work done for school. Thank goodness for computers since I can work effectively at home meeting my deadlines. My first day of lecture will be Thursday and I am all ready for that, so hopefully I will get some "guiltless" quilting done.
Have a great day! Stay warm and safe!


  1. Those snow days are such a treat. I miss them :( My U of Wy semester started today so I have no life for the next 16 weeks.

  2. Enjoy your bonus day! Your quilt will be very pretty. Good choice of fabric.

  3. You do know my address don't you??!! You can gift it to me if you don't like it! LOL I like the setting; shows up the strips so much better. Stay warm -- wondered how much snow you got and whether the kids got play time in it.


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