Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project #1 of UFO Challenge----#6!

Judy drew the first number for the UFO Challenge and it was #6. On my list that is the strip tube quilt. I have 4 blocks already made. I am going to mull over it today because I am thinking about changing the solid from boring unbleached muslin to a color. I think I will like that more----just to find the right color in my stash since I am NOT going out to buy any new fabric. I am adding that as my own personal requirement. My UFO's must be finished with what I already have in stash unless I absolutely must buy something and then only for a border. I intend to use what I have even for backing. Maynot "match", but I will be getting rid of stash as well as the UFO.

She also has another challenge---monochromatic challenge. She randomly draws a color and then the challenge is to use that color to make a quilt. The first color was yellow---I couldn't participate even if I had the time since I have almost NO yellow in my stash. Isn't that interesting---now if she choose purple or red or green or even orange, I maybe could do it. Oh well, I am saved from adding yet more quilts to my UFO rather than finishing them.

Hope your day will be a wonderful one. I intend to get some sewing/quilting in as I watch the Twilight marathon and Law and Order. Quite a combination huh :c). I am cooking and dinner should actually be done by noon, so as people want to eat, they can just go in and help themselves. I will put the bread on in a minute---decided to not fix a dessert---just ice cream. My effort to drop some weight begins tomorrow, so today I intend to not worry about one thing....remember, what you do today will be what you will be doing all year!

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