Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Up?!?!??

Quite a lot has been going on since my last post.
As you might remember in previous postings, two of our adult children had moved back home, one with his wife and two children. Well, both have now moved to their own homes. One graduated from technical college and is not only working at a local company but has started his own little company on the side. He is doing pretty good---he hasn't asked to borrow money and in fact paid half of the costs (with my daughter) of getting my longarm repaired! The other son and his family moved last week into their own place. The house is quiet now, although I will certainly see them often, and I have been spending time putting everything back together again.
I have also had "the" annual physical exam yuk! As you get older, there are more places to look for problems. At this point everything has been turning out okay, so I am good for another year it would seem. It has been an ordeal though---goodness I hate "preps".
I (of course) have been busy quilting. I have decided to do some quilting for some friends (I am NOT starting a quilting business), so I am trying to get my own latest quilting project done. Of course because I want to hurry---all kinds of things are stopping me---broken threads, tv shows, blogging, etc., so I am not moving as fast as I would like. I am a little nervous about it because when I make mistakes on my stuff it is no big deal, but I don't want to mess up someone's creation, especially since they will be paying me for it. These friends are forgiving though, so hopefully if I do a "oops", it will not be a big deal. I am taking very few quilts because my life is pretty busy and I don't want to get a quilt in and then not be able to have a quick turn-around, plus I am still a novice so I am taking it slowly.
The block above is the latest Civil War Block---well not really. The actual block was applique (!) which I DO NOT DO! so I made another one. This block was really pretty complicated, it took me a couple of days to complete it, but I really like it. As I mentioned, I am making my blocks 12 inches instead of the 8 inch, since I don't do "little" either.
Well, gotta go vacuum, and work on my quilt. Take care and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey, Patricia. Glad all is going well. Quiet us so underrated. I work with people that are much younger than me and they don't understand how nice quiet can be. Love that block! And, good for you for having the courage to quilt other people's quilts. I'm sure you'll do fine. Your work is so nice and they'll be lucky to have someone so conscientous quilting their work. Lane

  2. Hi Patricia! Good to "see" you again. I love the block... very nice. I will enjoy seeing your quilt top when it is done. And it sounds like you are finding plenty to keep you busy.

  3. LOVE the block, which you knew I would! Good to see a post, I was beginning to think they'd chained you to your work and I'd have to come rescue you!
    Your quilting is excellent so don't worry! I have gotten nothing but praises on your quilting of Bibba's quilt -- believe me she has lots of company and is showing it off everytime! LOL
    Will call soon, hugs to all. Di


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