Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Progress!

I have accomplished a lot since I last posted:
  • I completed 30 more blocks for a total of 80!!!! 20 more to go and I can start putting the quilt together.
  • I have finished quilting AND binding "Asian Indigo"---see picture above. It turned out pretty good even though I was a bit anxious at first---one of the borders looked like it had stretched out, but I think it was the way I had it pinned to the leaders.
  • I am participating with the Civil War block a week. Pictured are the first two blocks. The Civil War period is NOT my favorite and I am not particularly partial to the fabs, but the stories that Barbara B. tells in conjunction with the release of the blocks is very interesting and compelling. At one time I was trying to quilt "outside my comfort zone" and purchased some CW's and I made the Underground Railroad Quilt, so I find that I have quite a few CW's after all. I plan to make red my central color---each block will have a shade of red in it so hopefully it will not be as drab as some CW's look to me. Because I don't "do small", I am making my blocks 12 inch rather than the 8 inch that is being posted.

So, this is what I have been up to. Hope your week-end is progressing well!


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  1. Love the CW blocks - but then you knew I would! I love the 'brighter' colors you are using in these. I need to save the blocks to work on once I finish cleaning out my sewing room.
    You know me - I have to be honest! I wasn't really sure on your Asian Indigo, but you haven't let me down yet! I really LOVE the way it turned out! LOL I do know not to doubt your fabric selections!!!
    Hugs :-)


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