Friday, March 11, 2011

February UFO Finished!!!!!

I finished the apple core today!!!!! 20 rows of 19!!! It is actually a BIG quilt---it would probably fit a king size bed. I just started putting the cores together and pretty soon I had a LOT of them, so they all went into the quilt. It is laying on the step down into my living room so it looks a little odd. I plan to quilt it in a tight stipple and use a plan muslin back. It looks so very antique and I think that tight stipple will make it all crinkly when it is washed to add to the "old" look. I can't decide whether I should leave the edges scalloped or not, but I am leaning toward leaving them scalloped. Since this was truly an endeavor that I will not take on again soon, I am going to go all out.
I also decided to take the hexs I had put together apart. When I looked at them on the design wall, the muslin around the hexs formed a flower with the hex as the center of the flower. The muslin though seemed to fade into the background. I remembered I had some Pepto Bismol pink Kona in my stash and so I got it down and laid the hexs on there and it really made them "pop". I went to Joanne's today and found the perfect pink 30's print for the border. I think with the pink it will be a much cuter quilt, and more like my GD. I am going to go get out the GO! and cut out the little triangles in pink and put it together. I also pulled some 30's I had and I will cut out more hexs to replace the one's I have already sewn plus a couple more to make it a little bigger (this is how it began with the core---I sure hope I don't end up with another BIG quilt---I will have to keep reminding myself it is for a dorm room bed). I also think the different fabric will add some variety since I am using 3 charms exactly alike. I also think I figured out what to do with the sides. Although I am not designing this quilt per se, I have never seen one quite like the one I hope this will be.
Well, I am going to sit and finish "Road to Perdition" and then go downstairs and cut out the triangles. I am going to try to load the "core" on this week-end and work on quilting it all next week. It will probably take me a month just to do the hand binding.
Have a great week-end--- if we don't "talk" before Monday!


  1. Looks Terrific!! Oh! what a lot of follow through will do!


  2. Patricia,
    This is an awesome quilt!

  3. I really love it! It did turn out to be a very big quilt. You know I'm going to have to make a blue & white like that, don't you?!! Definitely will have to be using the Go die, tho!

  4. This is fabulous! I am inspired now to collect even more blues! Definitely on my to make list now.

  5. That looks fantastic! I looked at an apple core template yesterday, but didn't get it. This makes me wish I had. Lane


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