Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Have I Been Up To Lately?????

I am having computer times my mouse doesn't work and so I have a hard time posting. We have other computers, but I try to use one primarily for my blogging. I am treating the mouse carefully so hopefully I will be able to finish this post.
I am on Spring Break next week----HAPPY DANCE!!! I think I will pretend I don't have to work so I will not keep watching the calendar to see how many days I have left :c) I plan on getting lots of quilting done---I will clean the house and cook some meals, but I am one tired girl and really just want to rest! I finished quilting a donation quilt for my Guild (another member pieced the top)---see picture above. It really is a nice quilt---it quilted nicely---I just did a simple meander, but I like it. I will pass it on to Becky who will give it to another Guild member to bind. All of us will get a chance to that is off my list to do.
My plan is to work on the Tumbler, and several others I have in various degree's of completion. It is my hope that at the very least I will complete Tumbler. I am so looking forward to the week --- I will have to live each day slowly so the time will seem to last longer.
Well, gotta go---just wanted to post a short update. Take care and hopefully I will have some completions pictures next week.

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