Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break Is OVER!:c(

Well, I go back to work tomorrow! My clinical's begin at 0700 in the AM but I have to be at the hospital to make assignments by 0645 at the latest, so my week will begin EARLY! I really didn't get as much done (in quilting or housework) as I wanted. Life kept getting in the way via adult children and their crisis'. Oh well, in the end it all worked out and I have again resolved to not care or try to be such a good mother, but alas, I have made this vow before and broken it each time.
I went to my monthly Saturday Guild meeting and as always, came away invigorated and validated. This group of women are really empowering. We laughed our way, sang (or in my case hummed) own way through the morning and I always leave feeling better. A member is now making soap (this is a artistic group) and I came away with a couple of really good smelling bars. Did you know that the soap you spend so much money for is actually a detergent! I didn't know that----anyway, I used the bars and my skin really did feel better and cleaner! I plan to buy a bar and put in the guest bath for Diane when she comes. It is nothing like a warm shower with really nice soap to get you ready for a quilt show!!!

I restarted my Granddaughter's hex quilt and got stumped. How do I handle the beginning and ending of each row. Since it is a hex quilt, and because every other row in indented by one, I was coming up with this very uneven sides. I would have liked to figure our a way to add a piece so I didn't have to cut a hex in half. I think I have it figured out now. I cut some solid hex's and every other row will end with that hex. I just add a triangle to the row above and below and then when I cut it even, I will not have to split a hex. Because the solid is the same color as the star points, I am hoping the hex will look like they are floating. I am going to add a border. What I may do is add a very thin (maybe 2 inch) border of a contrast color. Maybe a green. What do you think? Is there another way to begin and end the rows?
Poor Coal is sick. We had to clean the carpet upstairs and I had to get out the pink medicine (Pepto). He seems to be feeling better, but DH (who coaches Little League) is at my grandson's baseball game and Coal is missing him. When no one else is around, I will do, but he would much rather be laying in DH's lap. I am pretty sure it was the boiled chicken my husband gave him. He has such a sensitive stomach, it looks like the only thing he can eat without getting sick is that expensive dog food and occasionally a piece of cheese.
Well, gotta go, he is looking at me weird---he may need to go out!

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  1. I love the pink with hexes! I broke down and ordered the hexes and the triangles -- you are a very bad (good!) influence you know! LOL I knew once we talked about it the other day I'd end up ordering it! I have too many 30s that I need to use up!
    Anyway, I like the way you are floating the ends of the rows. Can't wait to see it finished!!
    Take care of my Coalie-poor baby!!
    Hugs, Diane


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