Friday, March 18, 2011


Just wanted to stop by and say "hey"! Today was an absolutely beautiful day! It was 70 degrees out and I went prom dress shopping with my daughter and oldest granddaughter. This will be her senior prom, so she had to have something special. When my girls (her mother and aunt) were in school, I made every prom (and party dress) dress they had. We started at the beginning of the year and designed it ourselves. What we actually did was look at a lot of prom dress patterns, taking a sleeve from here, a neckline from here, a bodice from her, a skirt from another, etc. and came up with a totally different dress. Since we were using the same pattern, it wasn't difficult to interchange the different styles. It was a big secret, no one knew what you were wearing, not even the color, and because I made the dresses, the girls were sure to not see anyone else in their dresses. Things are a bit different now---for one, girls go shopping in a group! One young lady even put her dress on Facebook---that would have NEVER happened in the old days :-). My little Honeybunny chose the most beautiful dress---red! It was expensive---and she cried when my daughter told her she could have it. It took her a good 15 minutes to agree---she kept saying it was too expensive and it was selfish of her to allow her mother to purchase it. It was so refreshing to see her so appreciative---I gotta say (and I did) her mother would have NEVER done that. She would have gladly taken that dress and not thought about the cost for one second :-). My granddaugher is such a good girl---a member of the honor society, her schools first Homecoming Queen, the schools first Poet Laurent, a christian, a all around good baby---so she really does deserve it. We (her Poppi and I) are going to purchase her shoes/purse---and she will be all set---she actually is thinking of wearing flat shoes (how sweet is that). I am hopeful that this Grandbaby will come to the nursing home and feed me my carrots and wipe the spittle from my face :-)

Well, just wanted to touch base. No new quilting pictures this time. Hugs and have a great week-end!

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