Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Box of Chocolates!

Creative energy is here for me!  All I want to do is "create"---not housework (who likes to do that anyway); not cook (some people like that I know); read (I once did); knit (I once did that as well)!  I want to create fabric and so I am doing what people my age have earned the right to do----I am doing it! 

This morning I got up with every intention of going to church.  My husband and I once would spend hours talking and planning. Not so much anymore----baseball has nudged me out, but this morning he wanted to talk, and so I did!  Before I knew it it was way past time for me to leave and be on time, so after ending our conversation and when he went back to his I-pad and games, I decided to go "create".
Last night as I was surfing the web, I read an article about "ice dyeing" using ice cubes, so last night I went out into the garage and tried my hand at it.  I also redyed the unbleached muslin pieces since the colors weren't as intense as I would have liked.  This morning I washed the color out and saw what I had.  It is a bit like opening a present---or as Forrest Gump would say, "opening a box of chocolates, you never know what you might get".  I LOVED the ice dyed piece and then it struck me that I would NEVER again dye this exact piece.  Certainly this is a technique I will try again, but this piece cannot be reproduced.  When I look at it, I see water, and sun.  I think I am going to quilt it as a whole cloth wall hanging.  If I cut it up I would feel like I was destroying it.

I also read a article on rust dyeing.  I did it once before but really didn't follow through.  I ended up just throwing the fabric away.  I still had the rusty nails though, and I decided to try out came the vinegar

I didn't take pictures as I was wrapping, but I am not going to unwrap it for at least 3 days.  I think my problem before was I didn't wrap  it in the plastic to keep it moist, nor put it in a sunny place.  I only used a yard of the unbleached muslin, since I don't have a lot of rusty stuff.  It it works, I will  purchase some steel wool and rust more.  I have an idea for this piece as well if it turns out well.

 And finally----
They are so pretty!  All the fabric is wet and so when it dries the color will be a little different, but hopefully they will still be intense.  I also washed out some reds and orange and a beautiful yellow.  As soon as they all dry and are folded I will post a "formal" picture.
Well, just wanted to share!  Thanks for stopping by--do come back!

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  1. I love your dyed pieces. You did a lot!! I just learned how this summer and have done it 3 times. (ice dyeing) I used pieces that were too big.. husband had to help me. I like what I did, but should try some smaller pieces next. I'll have to read about rust dyeing. Have never heard of it.


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