Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Cha' Think?

All washed and dried!  I still need to starch and iron, but they look pretty good (the picture is in front of a window so the colors are a little washed out).  No wonder it took me a while, I actually dyed 15 one-yard pieces and 11  quarter-yards.  Whew!  They were having a 50% off muslin sale at Joanne's so I purchased 25 more yards.  I will wash tomorrow and tear into   pieces for dyeing later.  My back is a bit stiff, so I am gonna relax for a couple of weeks---LOL! 

Although I wanted solids, I actually got some variation which is fine with me.  One color (right under the turquoise piece) is a strange khaki color---but has some interesting variations.  It isn't my favorite but who knows, it might be perfect for something.

Just wanted to share my product.  It is just Coal and I at home---the hubby and GS are at a baseball I am folding clothes and surfing the web when I get bored.  I was once a wonderful housekeeper, now not so wonderful!  I would rather be quilting!

"See" you later!



  1. okay, Patricia, you're making me want to pull out the dyes again...I just put them up! The colours pop here on the screen, so I know they are even more vibrant in person.

  2. Really Yummy looking fabs!! You are getting so good at this, which does not surprise me at all! LOL Can't wait to see these made up into some of your fantastic quilts!!
    Hugs and don't get too hot doing this! Diane


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