Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finished Product!


 Unbleached Muslin

Redyed Muslin
"Ice Cube" (Ironed)
I don't think I will use unbleached muslin again to dye when I want really bright colors.  The colors appear more dusky than bright.  Hopefully the unbleached will work in my rust experiment.  The sateen is wonderful though!  Really takes up the color well!  I am anxious to try the print cloth and see how that works.  


  1. yes! I love the sateen! another fabric that I've seen but haven't dyed myself is cotton/bamboo blend. I love the Ice is that done?

  2. I just googled it. I believe I saw this in a Quilting Arts magazine...thanks. I have nothing planned in the studio this week...will consider this.

  3. I just learned how to ice dye this last week.. way fun! I love your fabrics. They all turned out great. I plan to do more icy dyeing.


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