Friday, June 21, 2013

My "AHA" Moment

I was sleeping quietly (I guess) when I suddenly woke up!  I had purchased about 7 years ago, a bolt of sateen.  When we first moved to this area from Florida, the Joanne's closes to the house was closing and having a giant fabric sale.  I purchased that fabric there for cheap -- like $2 per yard.   I don't know what I had in mind, but it was a good deal so (as most quilter do), I purchased it.  I got up this morning, looked for and found it, washed it and now my next dyeing project will be this fabric.  It has a really nice sheen and hopefully, will dye well (at least the dye references say it should).

I washed out the latest dye project this morning (forgot to take pictures but will when they dry).  This batch was unbleached muslin.  At his point it doesn't look like there is a big difference in color take-up.  What is different however is the "hand" of the fabric.  It appears much thicker and the weave is tighter.  I think it is because I wash in hot water and the fibers appeared to "puff" up or shrink.  The little dark specks that are present in unbleached muslin also adds a interesting addition, particularly in the lighter colors.  I will post pictures as soon as I finish washing and drying this batch.

I also investigated dyeing indigo and I think I might forgo that for a while.  It seems very complicated and  I am not quite ready for that this summer.  I do plan however to dye batiks, do some resist dyeing and make some special editions.  I have to give my hands and back a rest though.  They are both really sore, especially my hands from wringing out the one yard pieces.  They actually are hurting!

Now for pictures of my veggie "garden":


 Not a veggie, but isn't this fern pretty and healthy!  It was on the front porch, but I think it was getting too much sun!  I have another that is just as pretty! Excuse the basketballs---Grandson's store them there after "balling" on the goal in the driveway! 

Nothing going as well with my peppers, but I am gonna have some great tomatoes! 
Well,  "talk" to you later! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. will be interesting to see the new dyed fabrics, especially the sateen. Was it a white fabric or does have color already to it? Should be an interesting difference to the fabric.
    Not much going on here either, summer heat is on in Fla! Humidity is definitely on the upscale side so not much outdoor functions being tackled around this house.
    Hugs till later...


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