Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let the Dyeing Begin!

Today was an absolutely perfect day for dyeing fabric!  Warm with low humidity!!  Last year I did very little dyeing for myself so I have just a few odds and ends.   I have found also that I really need to dye in 1/2 yard lengths at least to ensure I have enough fabric in the same dye lot for my quilts.  The larger the piece of fabric though, the more difficult to get consistency.  This time however, I decided I would dye one yard pieces.  I purchased a couple of those large plastic Glad bowls to use in conjunction with my gallon plastic bags and dyed 15 one-yard pieces.  This time I did bright solids but plan to do another batch of mottled fabrics. 

I have to tell you though, it is truly work/time intensive.  The more I dye fabric, the more I can appreciate the $25/yard costs of some you buy.  If it is "truly" hand dyed, it takes a little over an hour just to prep; then you have to mix each of the dyes wearing a very uncomfortable mask; then you have to measure in each "recipe", and if you are doing solids, you have to work it into each piece of fabric; then you have to box that piece; clean up to for the next color and start all over.  It took me all morning (about 3-4 hours) to dye the 15 pieces and the work isn't over yet.  This morning I have to go out and rinse EACH piece by hand, and then machine wash, dry and iron.  Whew!  Maybe I need to surf some hand dyes and push a couple of buttons (LOL).  If you get a chance to buy hand dyes just don't get your nose bend out of shape if they are not $5/yard.  Appreciate all the work that went into making that beautiful piece.

Indigo and batik are on my list to try this summer! Hope I find it as enjoyable!  I am on the look out for a inexpensive electric skillet to melt my wax.  They have wax pots, but they seem a bit pricey when a electric skillet would do just as well.  I will investigate more!

I am also busy quilting Yin-Yang.  It is closer to a king and so taking a little longer.  Actually, I could really have finished it, but had some problems with tension which made me just walk away.  After a deep breathe and a couple of blue labels (Pepsi's), I came back and all I needed to do was to move to a bigger needle.  How simple was that.  I am using a rather complex panto of feathers, so the going is a little slow.  I am not sure I really like the top thread I choose (a dark beige), but at this point, I am NOT going to change it.  The back thread matches perfectly with the muslin back, and I am sure once it is washed, the crinkles will mask any "issues".  At any rate, it is MY quilt and so I am less anal if it belonged to someone else (another reason for not quilting for others---I get so stressed).

Next week I will be at a conference where I can just sit and listen!  Looking forward to that!  My flowers and veggie "garden" are all doing well in spite of the frequent thunderstorms we have been having.  I will have to post some pictures.

All is well on the home front and for that I am eternally grateful!  Have a wonderful Saturday and I will "talk" to you later!


  1. WOW! Ying & Yang did turn out huge!! I can understand why you said it was definitely YOUR quilt! LOL
    Good to see you dyeing again, your fabrics turn out just wonderful! The colors are great to work with and are alot of time that "just the color your needed"!
    Hugs and will talk soon, Diane

  2. Yay, it's dyeing season again. I'm afraid I just don't have the patience, but I love hearing your stories of it. Enjoy the process. I'm learning that when I can walk away, it makes finding an easy solution later all the sweeter. Be well. Lane


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