Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Checking In!!

Life's responsibilities have gotten in the way and kept me from blogging as often as I really wanted.  Really, my blogging subject (quilting) has been going a little slowly so I guess it was just as well I didn't blog.

I got a little bored with the shirt quilt, and so put it aside to do some fast invigorating quilting.  Another co-worker had twin grandbabies.  They were very medically fragile a (born too early) and so I delayed making her anything until their conditions had stabilized.  They are now at home---a boy and a girl and doing much better....still fragile, but improving daily.  Since these are first children of a couple and family who could (and probably have) get them a LOT---I asked her first if her daughter-in-law would appreciate a homemade quilt.  She assured me that she would, that she loved things not mass produced---so I got to work.  I wanted to make simple quilts---something they could roll around on and love, and what could become their "special" blankie and something I could make fast without a lot of stress.   I kept my promise to myself and shopped my stash first and came up with some appropriate charm packs----

This is for Baby Girl---the backing is a soft minkie (I had in my stash, purchased as a remnant) and although the top is "traditional" baby girl, I think the back makes it more modern.  Quilted with a simple meander---not too tight so it is nice and cuddly!  In looking at the picture, I can see the pale yellow thread I used on the back, but oh-well, it will be okay.

This the one for Baby Boy.  The prezzie print can be a little weird on the eyes, but hopefully it will be okay.  I think it is cute though and if I were a new mom I would like this quilt.  I purchased a soft colored turquoise minkie for the back (I had to purchase this---I had flannel, but I really wanted minkie on the back of both).  I will quilt it this week-end, bind them both and have them ready for gifting on Tuesday when I return to school.

Now for the other news-----I have also decided I am going to enter a quilt in the AQS Chattanooga show!!!!  I made a quilt with just this in mind (dyed the fabric myself) and completed it this fall.  I have just been so hesitate to begin to quilt it, fearing it will not turn out well.  When I look at the other quilts in the show, they are so very perfect and I know mine will not be.  It also will not be "bejeweled" and is probably rather plain, but it represents what many quilters are doing.   I decided  to try to enter, not to win, but for the experience.  I loaded it---started quilting (I am playing it safe and using a panto) and of course, I had problems.  The quilting isn't as uniform as I would like (I don't have a stitch regulator), but it doesn't look really bad.  The thread blends well, so hopefully unless you look really close you will not see my "oops"!  I am going to complete it and go for it.  I am going to try to get a really good picture and hopefully, it will make the cut.  No picture--don't want to jinx myself.

Well---lots of work to do today so I will "see" you later!!!!

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  1. Love the baby quilts! The girl's quilt charm pack is the same on Makayla used for her first quilt this past summer. Those fabrics are so cute! I also have some of the pezzie squares in my "stash" (or as I've started calling it -- my hoarding!) It will be one of those "just pull and sew it up" quilts!!
    Can't wait to see the quilt you'll enter into to Chattanooga -- now I will HAVE to come to the show! LOL
    Stay warm everyone! It may now be sunny in Florida, but it is definitely cold!!


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