Sunday, January 12, 2014


Not sure why it is sideways---but this is four rows.  I guess this way you get the idea though.   Four down 6 more to go and then the borders.

The beginnings of the next two rows with some good contrast.  I found another box of darks to add some variety.  It is "Spirit Week" at my Grandson's school next week with a 'theme" for each day.  The focus on Monday is "cartoon character".  He wants to be the "Joker" so we have a trip to Goodwin this afternoon to look for a purple blazer (yea right).  While there, I am going to look at the shirts and get a light and a dark to add some variety to the blocks.  No more than two though and in the "color" tag of the day, so I could possibly get a XXL or larger for $1.50!  I am too proud of myself---not saving little scraps--throwing them away!

More later!

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  1. Girl I'm really liking this -- as always your quilts are inspirational!! Can't wait to see the finished. What are you look for on the border?


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