Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!  My husband I are were talking over coffee this morning and remembering when we thought 1960 was really a "long way away".  Wow---2014----I never even imagined this far ahead when I was younger.  We also discussed all the changes we have observed in our lifetime thus far---WOW!  For example, my husband got a watch phone for Christmas.  Doesn't that sound like Dick Tracy or Star Trek :)  Now it is a everyday thing.  We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Holiday---all five of our adult children were here with 6 of the 7 grandchildren.  Such fun!

We brought in the New Year as we have done for at least 20 years!  At home, watching TV.  We had dips and chips, and toasted the New Year in with a small glass of wine.  No partying, no giant crowds, just giving thanks for having seen another year.

Like everyone else, I do make resolutions---often the same ones carry over year to year.  This year I resolve to:
  1. Lose 15 lbs.  To do that I will---
    1. Eat better
    2. Exercise
    3. Use my juicer
  2. Shop my stash before buying fabric
  3. Quilt the 10 quilts I have waiting (before I start another quilt)
    1. 3 of Diane's
    2. 1 that belongs to Roz
    3. 6 that belong to me
  4. Complete my UFO's (I think I have a total of 5 in the Que).
  5. Enjoy life as it comes
  6. Not take myself (or anyone else) seriously (unless a life is involved).
  7. Blog more regularly
This is my beginning list----I may add (or delete) as I go along. 

I did well in making quilts in 2013---a total of 22 with 11 donation quilts.  Several though are among the 6 I need to quilt.  I did decide to end the year by making a quilt though.  I small one that will be gifted to someone or become one of my donation quilts.

It is a Disappearing Nine Patch.  The center square was a solid white, the remainder from two different charm packs.  I made a nice size crib quilt---perfect as I said, for either gifting a new baby or as a baby donation.  I also made a quilt for a fellow nursing professor who just had her first Great-grandbaby.

It looks very much like the first quilt---but is a little more "scrappy" in appearance.  It also was made with charms---the same group as the first quit (I guess that is why they look similar to me).  It is all quilted (with a backing of yellow minkie), bound and I will give it to her when we go back to school next week.

I hope your New Year began well and the day is a great one.  I am busy cooking the traditional dinner (for my family), Black-eyed Peas (for luck); cabbage (for money) and ham.  I am adding homemade rolls and rice.  No homemade dessert though, we have leftover "purchased" pies my daughter brought.  I plan to getting started on quilting those quilts.  Have a great day!

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