Friday, January 3, 2014

So Far--So Good!!!!

I completed quilting one of the quilts on my 2014 "To Do" list--- one of three quilts that belong to Diane:

I used a edge to edge pattern board.  It turned out  nicely I think----the thread matches so closely you really can't see the stitches on the back.    I hope she likes it---when washed, it should crinkle nicely.

I also started working on one of my UFO's from 2013:

Last year (and the year before as well), I got into this "old shirt" kick.  I purchased plaid cotton shirts from Goodwill and cut them up (ala' Bonnie Hunter).  I also purchased a Drunkard Path Go! Cutter die and started a quilt using the plaids and the die.  I put it aside after a couple of blocks, not really sure why.  It is my hope to finish a new quilt for my Grandson.  The pieces look sorta wonky----I like that, and I have to be careful when pressing since the fabrics are easily stretched, but it should be nice once finished.  The die results in a 7 inch finished block so together, the entire block is 28 inches.   I have to be careful as I lay the pieced strata on the die for cutting since I need some going horizontal and vertical.  I like the circle that appears once the four are sewn together.  Hopefully I can maintain the energy.

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  1. Love my quilt!! I forgot how big it is, can't wait to get to snuggle under!! I keep telling myself I do not need to get into the shirt collecting business, but then I see all the fun quilts made from them. Still have the silk tie quilt to finish up. That is going to be on my UFO list for 2014. Guess I need to wait, mmmm??!!! Hugs


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