Thursday, January 9, 2014

Slow but Steady!

I have been working daily on this UFO.  I am trying very hard to resist the urge to start something else.  Doing so would probably leaving this UFO for another day.  I really don't want to though, that has happened too many times.  I had originally said I wasn't going to cut up any more shirts, but unfortunately, I am having to "de-bone" some light shirts.  After I complete that process, I will begin making blocks again.  This is how far I have gotten:

It looks crooked because of the way it is placed on the design wall, but I am anticipating once it is really put together, it will be straighter.  My challenge though is keeping those edges straight.  The shirts have been washed quite a few times and so are easily stretched.

My other task that has been keeping me busy is "juicing".  Like most people, I always have a resolution to lose weight and eat better.  Since there is only three people consistently in the house and one is a very picky eater, I really don't cook like I once did.  When I do, I always cook too much and so end up eating the same thing for days.  I still work, and so in addition, I am often really worn out when I come home.  It is certainly much easier to stop for "take-out".  To address the lack of fruits and veggies in our diet, I am now "juicing".  My husband bought a juicer as a house gift for Christmas.  I must say, it is fun to mix fruit and veggies.  My grandchildren enjoy it as well and are so surprised to hear what is "really" in the juice.

The makings for my "breakfast juice".  Apples, oranges, carrots and ginger.  

Isn't it pretty?  and it taste great!  The only drawback is what to do with the pulp.  I am investigating making muffins and adding it to the batter.  I think it would make a pretty good muffin, particularly the breakfast blend.  I am going to find a simple recipe and try it.  If all fails, it will make great compose.

At any rate, I do not intend to have a "juice" only diet, but certainly, although not perfect, it is "better than nothing" in adding nutrients to our diet.

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  1. Looking good!! What fun this one will be! Makes me want to start collecting shirts, which you know I don't need to do.
    Juicing looks good, just don't know if I like that much "orange"!! LOL


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