Monday, June 6, 2011

No Energy!!!

I am sorry to have not posted for a while, but life has been getting in the way!

I mentioned in my last post my mishap with the stairs at my GD's high school graduation. My foot is getting better, but the effort to come upstairs to post was too great, so I elected to just stay downstairs. It is still a bit swollen and it is still difficult to walk at times (especially if I have been sitting for awhile and it gets stiff), but it is so much better. I will be so very glad though when it is ALL better.

I am without my usual email. The company was giving us an upgrade (they said) because we were such good customers. Well in the process they wiped out our email, along with the contact list and any emails we hadn't read. I have never heard of a company not having a back-up system! When I discovered we were having trouble accessing, I called and found out, not only had they erased it, but there was no way they were going to be able to retrieve anything. Needless to say, I am looking for a new Internet company! I didn't know how much I depended on email---I had folders where I put "important" emails---all gone! My suggestion would be to call your Internet company and see if they have a back-up system so if something happens you can retrieve the contents of your email account.

On the quilting front, I have been hard at work on the Guild Challenge. I took a break Saturday and went to a Karen Combs workshop. If you ever get the chance you should try to go. It was such fun and she is a wonderful teacher. I love her dimension quilts but although I will not be able to make them as nice as hers, she really provided some good instruction making the process doable. I remember one "famous" person's class I attended. We had to bring TONS of fabric with us and pay about $30 for her pattern. I didn't learn one thing---she played with everyone's fabric for the morning, talked about herself for half of the afternoon showing her quilts, and then when I asked if we ever going to work on the quilt, she sat at a sewing machine and did about a third of a block herself. I NEVER learned how to make that very complicated (at least to me) quilt and came away really frustrated. Karen was not that way at all! She was informative and I came away with a new technique.

Well just wanted to check in! Am going to clean out the garage tomorrow and start dyeing! It is in the 90's here---perfect for dyeing. I can't wait to try some new techniques and colors!

Hugs and have a great day tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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