Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's Up?

Not one single thing is up in my life!!!!! It is really hot here---but even though this is the perfect weather for it, I haven't dyed one thing! I just can't seem to get my energy up :c( My foot is still tender and although it is better, it isn't BETTER! Often this type of injury heals slower than actual breaks do, so I am not surprised. At least it isn't as swollen as before and my mobility is better.

This past Friday and yesterday was spent at the University (for orientation) about two cities over, where my Granddaughter will begin classes this Fall. The day began with all the parents (and grandparents) getting a walking tour of the campus. We started at the football stadium, which was about 145 degrees on the turf. I think I walked for about 52 miles during the day. My foot held up pretty well, but by the end of the day, it was actually numb! We made friends with a sister, grandmother and their student who gave us a ride to our car. Both my Granddaughter and I are "directionally challenged" so after driving around for about 15 minutes unable to find the parking lot where the car was parked, we were dropped off where we began the day and we walked to the lot. Still a long walk, but much closer than across campus. Yesterday we got a tour of the dorm she will be in (well not actually the dorm, but a mirror-image of hers). I must say that dorms have changed a lot since I was in school. There are full service cafeterias in many of them (not in hers but in the one across the street), washer/dryers on each floor (they are free), a full service kitchen on each floor and of course Internet access. Although there is a common bath, each of the showers have locking doors so it is like you have a private bath (in a way). There are NO curfews and the dorms are coed. Boy I remember Mrs. Collier our dorm mother in my freshman year, waiting at the door to make sure we had made curfew. I remember her checking your room and if it was messy, you got demerits, and boys in the room. When the cleaning guy came on the floor he would yell "man on the floor". Things have changed a lot, some for the good, but honestly, in a way, it would be nice to have some of those things come curfews. Kids leaving for school for the first time have a huge transition and sometimes, all this freedom make it difficult to make correct decisions. My little "honey bunny" is a smart little cookie. At this point she has made all the right decisions (it would seem) while still maintaining her innocence (it would seem) and having fun (clearly seen). I hope this trend continues. She began the process with a little apprehension but by the end of the two days she was feeling pretty good about going away to school. She registered for classes and got a great schedule (her earliest class is at 9:00 AM and her last class ends at 11:30 on Friday). It was cute to hear her try to compare college to high school, which of course we know you can't. She will be close enough to home to get to her in an emergency, but far enough so she feels like she is away from home. She could have been a commuter, but I really think living on campus is a great way to begin the process of learning to live in a greater community and expand your knowledge base. I am excited for her!

Now on the quilting front----I am working on my Guild Challenge. It is quilted and done and so now all I need to do is put on the binding. I sorta like it----I see lots of areas I would like to improve, but then I am always my worst critic. I can't post a picture since some of my Guild sisters read this blog and I want it to be a surprise. I don't think it will win anything, but it was fun completing it. It is due at the July meeting, so I will post a picture then.

I feel like starting something else, something that will be fast and fun to do, so I think I am going to get out my GO! and cut some circles for a circle quilt! My granddaughter doesn't know what her colors will be, so although I have completed her hex quilt, this one may be one she might also like. If not, since I think I will like it, I don't mind keeping it for myself.

Well, gotta fold some of the clothes on the pool table. My brother is coming for a visit next week and I want to give him the impression my house stays clean all the time :c)

Have a wonderful day!

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