Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Try Try Again!

I re-did the fabrics I dyed earlier and hopefully will get a much more saturated color. I also figured out (in addition to perhaps not enough soda ash) what might have been the problem. MUSIC----I didn't have any the first time I dyed the fabric, but this time I had my IPad and Pandora. I dyed (and did a little dancing---I couldn't help myself) to Luther Vandross, Kem, Eric Benet', the Isley Brothers, Jill Scott, and more. I gotta tell you, those colors---SANG! It is my expectation that tomorrow when I wash them out, they will continue to sing!!!!!

I also put on two bindings----I am now debating whether I want to attempt to sew it on completely by machine, or do I want to tack down by hand---which I hate, but looks nice. We will see. I only have one more quilt to do, this one will be by machine since I am putting a faux piping on that one.

Pictures to follow tomorrow (of my "singing" fabrics).


  1. My experience too is music can make all the difference in results :)

  2. Patricia - I saw your comment on Karoda's blog about the gorgeous deconstructed screenprinting on her fabric. Just FYI, there is a whole chapter on this process in my book, Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth, published by C&T. It is addictive (ha, but what isn't when you are dyeing and printing?)


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