Friday, June 24, 2011

TA DA!!!!!!

I finished the Zig Zag (AKA Waste Not, Want Not II). This is a picture of it on my queen size bed. Yes, that is blue zag on a pink row. I intentionally put it there---I didn't have enough pink and so this was what I just reached down and picked up. I sorta like the "quirkiness". Anyway, I am going to load it and quilt it within the next couple of days. I will then need to put the binding on at least three quilts, which I will focus on. I feel so much better!!!!!!


  1. Great job! Love the "zig-zag" quilt. Very colorful... my granddaughter would love to have one of those.

  2. Blogger did not like me last night! I tried to post twice and it kicked me out!LOL
    Love the zig-zag and it looks good on a queen size bed! You know that's what I have don't you??!! ROFL Mmmmm which one will be next to sew? I keep looking at my piles to see!
    Great again!


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