Thursday, September 15, 2011


All completed!!!! I really agonized over that skinny 1st border but decided to use the green stripe. The polka dot border really gives the quilt an updated look. The border looks sorta wavy in the picture. I think it should be okay though. I must admit, I am not a "presser", but am more of a "ironer" so the top is a little stretched out in places since I was working with a LOT of bias edges. I was going to use a panto but have found when I have a top that has some stretched places, it is much better to quilt from the front so I can "quilt" out those bad places. The pattern is also busy, so it would benefit from a simple meandering pattern rather than a fancy panto. The backing is a lime green tie-dyed flannel and I will use a turquoise thread. Sounds weird I know, but I really think it will look nice.

I now have three tops that need to be quilted so I am going to stop working on quilts and quilt at least one of these quilts. I think I will do this one first since it is going to be a gift.

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yeah! Looks great! That was a fast one for you to get finished. It would definitely be another keeper pattern!

  2. Still loving it. I think the narrow green border is perfect. It makes the green strips in the center pop out. Lane


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