Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Progress!

I now have 11 blocks completed (45 more to go). It is going slower (I think) than I thought. I am trying really hard to not become obsessive about what color strips I match---just try to get a variety and am finding that although I "think" I am cutting all strips 1.5, it appears sometimes that I might be off a bit. This is a "liberated" quilt however and I just slice or add (as needed) and move on. I am also putting those "crumb" blocks that I posted a week or so ago in there as well (you can hardly tell the one that is already mixed into a row). I just surround them with the strings and they blend in well (see the one long block). I still like this quilt, but I might have to put it aside for a minute. I forgot I have a Guild Challenge I have to work on, so, "first things first", but I am going to work on this "honey bunny" daily!.


  1. Still loving it!! Hoping I can start on mine this Sunday while I'm "watching" football!

  2. my rows are coming out different widths too - makes it more fun. love the crumb block mixed in there!


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