Saturday, September 24, 2011


I really enjoy blogging most of the time, but it is sometimes difficult to maintain daily posts that are interesting. I know that people are viewing the blog since I have the visitor meter, but I get so few posts, I sometimes start to think what difference does it make if I don't post. I have to keep reminding myself that blogs are actually journals and since most journals aren't meant to be read by anyone other than the author, it really doesn't matter if no one reads them, yet along comments. So my commitment is back up.

I am feeling a bit melancholy since I am really wishing I was in Jacksonville. They are having the Quiltfest that, when I lived there, I attended and really enjoyed. Diane is there with some friends and we have been talking daily. I am in the process of living varcariously through her. We do enjoy each other and it is such fun to go to a quilt show with her. We are very much alike, but very much unlike each other, so it is a good mix. She is "shopping" for me as well, but boy do I wish I were there!!!!

I have also been working on "Spontaneous Combustion"---see above. Three more blocks and it will be 50% done! I must say it is a bit like eating potato chips. Once I start I really want to keep going---I start digging through my scrap bins looking for more goodies. I found some really cute fabric in mine and the bag that Diane gave me----frogs!!! It is a bit like looking for "Waldo". Lots of fun!!!! It doesn't look like it is very big but it is queen size. I think I am going to put some letters on it via Lazy Gal Quilting style. I bought her book the other day, so I am thinking of putting the name of the quilt via a letter block. Since the entire 'theme" of the quilt is "spontaneous", if they are a bit unconvential looking, it should be okay. I just have to figure out how I will make them stand out so they will be noticed----maybe on a white background. I will have to "dream on it" a little more.

I have also been contemplating purchasing a new addition to my quilting tool box! I really love "custom" quilting, but I can't do it. I tried buying some "cheater panels" and it was a huge diaster. I know I need to "practice", "practice", but I am by nature not a "practice" girl. When I knit sweaters (when I did) I NEVER made a gauge swatch----always wanted to jump in and start!!!! The results were often pretty good, but could have been better had I followed the rules! Anyway, I had heard about this tool when I first purchased my longarm (midarm), but felt I should learn to use the machine before I started to get attachments, plus, since we have made a commitment long ago to try to not charge, I needed to save some more money. Since there is no way I will be able to afford a computer guided system (it cost as much as some new cars), I am going to invest in a Circle Lord! I have been reading about them and contacted Deb (Rags n Quilts) who teaches some computer courses about it via Quilt University, and from what I hear it is a good investment and is user friendly. I am not going to be able to afford nearly as many templates as I would like, but the owner, Michael, is very helpful in helping me to determine the appropriate one for the first purchase. I am not going to get it until the first part of October, but at this point, I am pretty commited to carry through with my decision. If any of you have the CL and would like to offer your recommendations and share how you like it or the difficulties you might have or had, please do share!!!!!! I don't want to spend money for something that is going to sit in a box ("been there, done that, got the t-shirt").

Until then, I am going to plug along! Have a great day. It is so beautiful here---fall is in the air! The sun is shinning bright and is a perfect outside day. We are "babysitting" three of our grandbabies, who tell me that it is "World Play Outside Day". Great idea!!!

Happy quilting /or playing outside day!!! BTW--for some reason, spell check isn't working, so if there is a misspelled word, forgive me.


  1. I keep looking at your quilt, thinking that soon, I'm going to see a fabric we have in common. And, there it is. That green frog on the purpley-blue background. Love the quilt and the variety. Spontaneity rules! Lane

  2. I completely forgot about that frog fabric -- I think it was in one of the scrap bags I got from somewhere. That's one reason I LOVE scrap bags -- you just never know what is in it and what you can use it in! Those blocks are getting addictive, aren't they? Heaven help me when I get started on them. Since I found a copy paper box full when I moved the sewing room around, I'll have a bunch to select from! LOL

  3. woohoo, Spontaneous Combustion is marvelous!!!! love the surprising bits in there and so wonderful to include fabrics that make you think of your friends (even if it is a bit melancholy because you're not with them - I get that too!).

  4. p.s. forgot to mention. thanks for buying the book! a wordy block or two will be fabulous mixed in there!!!


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