Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Finish!

I finished the "Zig-Zag" quilt.  It isn't trimmed yet, but I will do get the backing ready and try to stat tomorrow.  I plan to quilt this and several other quilts for myself and Diane, so the next two weeks will be spent at the LA.  I really like how this quilt came out, but I must say it is a little confusing.  You really have to pay attention but if you do, it comes together nicely.  It is an interesting way to make a "zz"---this was made from two jelly rolls.

Now to figure out how to quilt it.  I think probably just a nice tight stipple will do.  I really don't want to take away from the graphic nature of it.  Sometimes simple is best!

Well on to more quilting---my Mo-Jo is coming back!

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  1. Hey, Patricia. I so envy your ability to get quilts quilted quickly. (whew, too many qui's) I like the idea of simple quilting because the quilt itself is so visually compelling. But, what if you just quilted in the light stripes? Just an idea. Don't know how easy that would be. I'm also quilting a linear quilt and decided to try that, so thought I'd mention it. Anyway, have fun knocking out quilts in short time. Lane


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