Sunday, July 29, 2012

Status Report!

 This is my latest fabric purchase---isn't it perfect for "Spidey".  I had been watching it for a long time and decided to take the plunge-----30% off!  I got the remainder of the bolt---more than enough with a little left over for the scrap bag.
I am working on "Make a Joyful Noise"----all my hand dyes.  I am using my new CL template---and originally even thought it would be worthy of submitting for a show---but now I don't think so.  The circles are not even---which for me isn't bad---but not good enough to submit.  This will be my practice piece but definitely I will use the template again.  I really like the effect of the circles.  I also used wool batting.  The brand I am using isn't working as well as I thought.  It is really shredding on the edges.  I don't know if that is suppose to happen or if it is specific to this brand.  I purchased it at AQS for a good price (about 50% less than regular price), so maybe the quality isn't as good.  Since I have never used wool batting before, I don't have a frame of reference.  Next time I will purchase a better brand and see if that makes a difference.  Also using So Fine thread in the top as well as the bobbin.  I really like that look, but the top shreds as well.  Oh well---as long as the tension keeps looking okay, I will deal with that.

I see where I went wrong---I didn't load the quilt on evenly so my rows are off as you can see.  I am going to have to work on that.  I am almost finished, so I will see how it looks after I am done.  Either way, I still love it!

Well---just wanted to check in.  I am spending the day looking at the Olympics and finishing this quilt.  Not a bad Sunday!


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