Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vacation is Over!!!!

I got back yesterday afternoon!  It was 110 degrees here!!!!!  My goodness, but it was just as hot almost in DC, AND without electricity!!!!!  My son's home was in one of the areas that is without power due to a relatively mild storm.  The issue is however, there are thousands of trees---old trees---so it doesn't take much to blow one over.  He said that if history repeats itself, they will probably not have any power for about a week.  They and their pets (a dog and a cat) have gone to a friends to wait it out!

I am getting myself settled in.  My "Mo Jo" feels like it is coming back, and I know the restful time I had really is helping.  I have posted pictures of my fabric I picked up.  The first pictures is how I packed it (and my clothes).  I didn't know they had these bags for packing, but they work wonderfully.  You can get so much more in your suitcase!  I really did a juggling job since they weight limit is 50 pounds.  One bag weighted exactly 50 pounds (even though the bag itself probably weighted 40 pounds)!  I had to borrow a bag from my son for the fabric to use as a carry-on.  Next time I will use these "freeze dried bags" as my Grands call them, and carry a much smaller bag!

The two pieces on the left are designated for quilt backs.  The other's are 3 yard lengths that I have no idea what I am going to use for.

Well, just wanted to check in.  I am back to reality---washing, cleaning and getting ready for work!  I so enjoyed myself and I am going to try really hard to not wait so long before going back for a visit!


  1. Oh,I started to call this afternoon, but figured you wanted to finish up your "quiet time"!! I love the fabrics, especially the blue one next to the end. Such a bright fun blue color. What are you going to make out of it??
    Glad to have you back, missed you lots! And you know I love the 'freeze dried' bags!
    Hugs to all...

  2. Sounds like your son pampered you wonderfully. I sure hope the weather cools off soon. These power outages are the pits. (We've have lucky here, so far, but others have had problems. I'd just as soon not get a turn.)

  3. Hope things are cooling off for you. Finally, looks like we'll get a break from the heat. I'm catching up on blogs. Love your fabrics and glad you had a good time. Take care. Lane


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