Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Lazy Saturday!

So----this morning I got up really early!!!!  It was expected that the temps would reach a high of 104 degrees, so I was up, planting some new flowers, weeding and watering the plants.  I was done in a couple of hours, just when it started to get warm.

I didn't clean the house, although I did was a load of clothes---instead I did some quilting!!!!  I worked on my zig zag, and am now finished with 50% if it.  To give me some variety, I started working on a new "Spontaneous Combustion".  This time, I am even more "spontaneous".  I have strips, and some wonky blocks, some triangles, etc.  I am not following any course, but instead just letting things "fall as they may".  I am liking what I have at this point---essentially only one block---but who knows what will happen next.

Of course, this is going to be a large quilt-- so who knows when it will be finished!

It is interesting how my preference in quilting has changed.  Although I still love brights and batiks, I am liking solids more.  I really prefer my hand dyes though but I am beginning to like solids.  I also am enjoying the "modern quilting" phase, although quite frankly, I don't think it is so much modern, as returning to the spontaneity of such quilts as the Gee's Bend, and other like quilts.  Again this supports my husband's contention that nothing really goes "out of style", but that everything comes back around.

Wonder if calico's will come back?


  1. Can't wait for the calicos to come back!! I have always loved them. Liking your new spontaneous... another great quilt in the making!

  2. I agree that things always come back. Some good. Some bad. I'm finding more solids in my quilting as well. I also agree that modern quilting is a reproduction of what I see as necessary utility quilting, where everything needed to be "made to do". Have a good day and enjoy the new project. Lane


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