Friday, July 20, 2012


I have wanted to make a spiderweb quilt for a really long time!  I love the pattern, mainly because it is scrappy and uses strings.  My husband and Grandson are at the Little League World Series (his team is playing) and since I am hanging out along with Coal----I decided I would begin one.  I went up to my fabric closet and found the perfect fabric for the center.  I remember buying it at G Street Fabrics in Silver Springs on one of my visits to my son at least 8 years ago.  I am not even sure I purchased it specifically for a quilt, since at that time I was also still sewing clothes.   I don't really know the type of fabric it is----100% cotton with a weave much like linen.  It was only 36 inches wide, so it must be very old.  I have another piece of like fabric in a different pattern.  It though was perfect---but alas, not enough of I did what most quilters do---I pieced some together so I ended up with JUST enough for the 30 blocks I need for the quilt.  It is going to be smaller than I would like, but I am going to add a border and make it a good size twin.  I would have had more fabric if I had pieced it on paper, but I am a heavy handed presser and the fabric as the foundation stops it from stretching out as much, since I have a lot of bias edges.  Anyway----I am almost half done and am enjoying the process.  Below is what a corner of my sewing "studio" looks like.  You simply cannot make a strip quilt without messing up your space.  I do try to put everything back in the bags when I finish for the day, but alas, once I get started the next day, back on the floor everything goes.

For more "order" I could have made the strips the same size---but who likes order in a quilt?  Certainly not I------I go for "movement" or more aptly---chaos----it is much more appropriate for my type of quilting!

Don't you love it!!!!  It looks like those are black polka dots, but the color is weaved in and more rectangle in shape.  I have seen this type of fabric in textiles sold at places like Pier I Imports, but again, for the life of me I can't think of the name.  I purchased it from a good fabric shop, so I guess it will hold up----I washed a small piece and it worked out okay---so all should be well.  I believe that any fabric that can be washed can be put into a quilt---this is no exception.


  1. You are so right -- that fabric is just perfect with all the brights! I am just loving it! Do you think if you posted a picture on Missing Fabric website that someone might have some you could buy? Just a thought!
    Enjoy your "free" time! I know it doesn't come often enough anymore...

  2. Love your background. So much color and you are right, lots of movement. Lane


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