Monday, August 27, 2012

Computer Sick, as am I!

For some reason I can't  log onto the Internet on my "everyday" computer, so I am not able to post pictures (I am posting this from my work computer, but I don't put personal stuff on it).  Hubby is at the other one now, so maybe he can help to make it better.

Me---I am sick as well!  When I got back from UT, I started with the sniffles and now I am achey, coughing, a low grade fever, etc.  Unlike some people I, however, have to keep going.  This is a really bad time to be ill---the new semester is starting, we have a new platform for grades and communicating with students (with little inservice) that I have to learn to navigate and I am chairman of a very important committee.  I pushed on----not coughing on anyone, using lots of germ-stuff for my hands, and not using anyone's telephone.  Today is Freshmen orientation (I have to go), but I am going to beg out of convocation.  I begin teaching tomorrow, and so I will ask the Dean if I can skip this event where I am just one of many!  I even had a gushing nose bleed during one meeting---that helped to end it sooner, so all wasn't lost (I didn't bleed on anyone, nor on my white blouse)!

Now on the quilting front.  Because I haven't been feeling well, I haven't done a lot of sewing, so not a lot to show.  I also got a package from Diane!!!!  She is reorganizing and I ALWAYS benefit from her cleaning.  She sent me a load of scraps (yea!) and a whole bunch of charm packs!!!! including a layer cake.  A couple I am going to use for the charity quilts my Guild is making, but some will go into some quilts for Christmas.  She also sent a bunch of blocks---one that is some sort of "crazy patch".  She didn't like it---it was made of 30's but since I was getting tired to just laying around, when I had a moment of clarity, I put them together, added a border from my scrap box, put a solid small border and have a really cute charity quilt that some little girl will love.  It took me about an hour to do all that.  It is loaded on the machine, but activity has stopped. 

I even pieced the batting from my scrap bag of batting.  I know that many of you actually sew the pieces together, but remember, I am lazy!  I loved the bonding tape, but it is really expensive, given the amount you get in a package (only enough for about a queen size quilt piecing).  Anyway, with one of my Joanne coupons, I purchased a bolt of tricot fusible interfacing,.  I cut it in 1.25 inch strips and it worked perfectly.  The one word of caution is you really need a pressing cloth.  The interfacing is thinner than the packaged bonding tape and so will curl.  I used a Teflon pressing sheet that worked great.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and let you know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth.  As soon as my "fun" computer gets fixed, I will post pictures.  Our oldest daughter is coming on Wednesday, so somewhere in these next three days, I have got to clean the house and make the guest bedroom ready.  Wow----no rest in my near future! 


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