Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update (Again)!

Our oldest Granddaughter has transferred to the University of Tennessee.  We leave to take her on Saturday in fact.  There really aren't any UT fans in the house (at least not currently) although I personally love the color orange.  Several years ago I purchased a box of scraps at the Guild auction and in the box was 2 yards of this UT fabric.  At the time I couldn't think what in the world I would use it for, so as any good quilter would do, I held on to it.   As I was going through my fabric shelves looking for fabric to back my youngest Granddaughters quilt, I came upon this.  I decided to make her some pillowcases.  I looked further and found the perfect orange for the cuff so I made her two.  I had some left over so I made another which I gave to my daughter (her mother).  In the box was also some Atlantic Falcons fabric.  I will just save that---who knows when I might need it!

"Spidey" is half finished.  I will work on it some more this afternoon.  I really like this quilt!  I have chosen what I think is a great border fabric, so it will be wonderfully "chaotic".  I have one more day at home (tomorrow) before I get busy---going to Knoxville, and then starting school.  I really don't have any time off since I have to also work on getting everything ready for the next semester which starts on the 27th.  Oh well, I will make the best of the time I have-----I could be jobless!

Well, gotta go---I am giving myself one more day to totally do what I want to do!

Have a great remainder of the week---thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yay! for days when you get to do just what you want to do. There are never enough of them. I also have some fabrics that I am absolutely positive that I'll never be able to replace and have no idea where I'll use, but better not to give them away because then, sure enough, I'll have a need. Lane

  2. Mai! I googled UT pictures and this came up! I just knew it was what you made me! I love them thakyou!:)


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