Sunday, August 12, 2012


I really did go out to the garage to die   dye, but it was too darn hot.  I couldn't even breathe in my mask---so I put it off for a cooler day!  I got up early today, and after church, decided I would tackle my quilting "studio".  There really isn't much I can do in there----everything is crammed in, (I really need to figure out a way to retake my hubby's "office" for studio #2).  I went to Wally World and got some 3 drawer things and put organized my fabs a little.  Rearranged stuff on shelves---worked in there for about 6 hours.  It does look neater anyway, but still crammed.  I am going to taken the sewing table tomorrow (my legs hurt and I am sleepy now), so we'll see how that goes.

I also decided to enter two quilts in the Modern Quilt Guild Show----thanks to the urging of a quilting sister.  Wouldn't it be a blast if it got accepted?  I really don't expect to win, but it would be nice to have it juried in.  I will hang it tomorrow and take some pictures. 

Well, just wanted to check back!  Later!!!

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