Monday, August 27, 2012


This is the quilt I completed from blocks Diane sent me.  What looks like a black border on the front is actually magnets that I put on to keep the top taut and free of wrinkles while I quilt (as you see, I also "float" my tops).   I had some flannel that I used for backing, that although not the same shade of pink, certainly was an appropriate "make do".  The bright blue one inch border was perfect to "stop" the busy quilt and the pink print for the large border was perfect!  It is funny---every quilt I  make my DH says, "don't give that away!  You give all the pretty quilts away (meaning I guess I only keep ugly ones)!"  He of course said the same thing about this quilt, but it is too small for our bed and is clearly a lap, so he said, "we might have another grandbaby one day".  NOT----it is going to some little girl who will love cuddling up in it!  The flannel back is so SOFT!!!!  I am always caught by surprise when I "shop" my stash and most often, find just the right match for fabric that was purchased at totally different times, or was (as is this case) given to me.  I am now developing the habit to look, before I leave to buy more!  I will post another full picture of the quilt once I have completed the quilting.

BTW---see how neatly everything is stacked in the background!  The results of my cleaning day last week!

These are the charm packs that Diane also sent.  She sends two of each, so there is enough to make a decent top.  As I mentioned, several will go to make quilts for donation, but I have plans for the others.  I have already picked out the quilt for the layer cake----a nice spring quilt for the guest room.

Well, as you can see, my DH fixed the computer!  He hasn't forgotten his profession (he was a System Analyst) even though he is retired. 

Thanks again for stopping by!

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  1. Ummmm, I think I sent the wrong blocks! Can you send them back to me when you get it quilted??!! LOL It'll make some little girl I know why I sent them on to you. You rock!! Hugs...


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