Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommie's Day!!!!

I had a great day!!!! The fact that my children (all 5 of them) are in reasonably good health and seem to be happy---not that life couldn't be better, but it could certainly be worst; my husband and I are in good health; we are able to meet our bills and even have a little money left over to support my quilting habit; we have friends and family that we love----life is good!

My daughter, son, husband and three of my grandbabies took me out for brunch! We had a lot of fun, laughing and joking. My son NEVER meets a stranger---wherever he goes, he always ends up making people laugh and having a good time---so needless to say, my brunch was great. I got telephone calls from two of my other grandbabies and their parents (my son and his wife), and I also got calls from my other two and their spouses---so I heard from everyone.

Since this is MY day---I spent it dyeing fabric once I got home. I stopped by the "Dollar Store" and got 30 plastic reuseable cups and dragged out all the plastic bins I had been salvaging from the trash at work, and set up my "dyeing station". The weather started out nice and warm, but it has since clouded up and gotten cooler. According to the directions, the temp should be at least 70 degrees, so my husband closed the garage door and hooked up a space heater (sweet of him). I am not going to let them "cure" overnight---first because I am anxious to see how they turn out, and second, I really don't want to leave a space heater plugged in all night. It was a very interesting process. It would appear I will get quite a range of colors from only three colors-- yellow, red and blue. I have included a picture of the cups curing and of a extra piece of fabric I just poured the extra dye over. I am not sure if it will even be usable, but this is a learning experience for me. Later I will post an "after" picture. All in all, I enjoyed the process and it wasn't as difficult as I thought, especially since I have a sink with running hot and cold water in the garage.

Here is hoping your "Mommie's Day" (what my adult children still call me) is (was) a blessed one!


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