Sunday, May 24, 2009

"What's Up!"

I really haven't been doing anything exciting--per se (at least in the quilting arena). My favorite nephew and his wife are here visiting for the holidays from Oklahoma. I might have also mentioned that our middle son who was also in Oklahoma is here and our oldest son from Maryland is on a plane on his way here as I "speak". It is going to be a great holiday week-end! Our oldest daughter and youngest son are the only ones that will be missing, but we will talk to them by phone and make them jealous and wish they were also here.

My niece and I always have such fun when they visit. We both absolutely love to shop---but only for things that are on clearance. It is a treat to really purchase something for significantly less than the original price. Of course that also makes me a bit angry, because you know that although something is 75% off, the store is still making a significant profit. My "finds" this trip were two dresses for work that had been priced at $200 each for $21 and $24 (see the mark-up).

In addition, there is a Croc wave going on here. Almost every nurse at work wears them. I have been resisting because first of all I don't think they look very nice on my feet and I really didn't find them that comfortable. While shopping, we noticed a new Croc store that had opened and because it was literally a line of people going in, my niece and I thought we would see "what was up". They had several styles of Crocs on sale for $4.99!!!! I tried on some and to my surprise found that style comfortable, and so purchased them (I worked in them yesterday and they really are comfy). They are a weird green, but with the scrubs I wore, really looked nice.

I also saw some really cute "flats" that I could wear with jeans and even to work on "casual day" and purchased those. Since they were $4.99, my granddaughters each got a pair.

My husband and grandson each got a pair (they both absolutely love them --not the flats of course :-), but the "traditional" style since they were also $4.99). I purchased 7 pair for a little more than the regular price of one pair. Go figure---I still don't know why they are so popular, since after all, these are plastic shoes!!!! Oh well, I like to be "in style" as well, I am not sure I will become a real fan, but then I also love flip flops and have a whole box full and they are also plastic :-).

Have a wonderful week-end! I will be a bit silent because of family, but I will "talk" to you next week!


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