Monday, May 11, 2009


Aren't they pretty!!! I am just amazed at how nice my first try at dyeing turned out. Unfortunately, they are not all the same size. I don't know what happened, I thought I was measuring correctly---but anyway, it really doesn't matter..I plan to use them in a quilt I started a couple of years ago and stopped because I couldn't find the right color handdyed fabric. Now I can have all the colors I can dye---

I ordered seven jars of dye to make more I am on a roll. I am washing fabric now to finish the next starter kit, so I should have some new pictures in a couple of days. This is too much fun!!!



  1. Have you tried on printed fabric? I have not thought about it but its grand. Hop over to my blog about two post back where (can't rmbr her name) I joined her group dyeing printed fabrics.

  2. Oh my gosh!! They are wonderful!! Will they all turn out with this strong coloration or can you make them lighter?? Looks like I might have to try this after all!

  3. Patricia, your hand dyed fabric turned out so beautiful. It does not look like a first try to me. Do you mind to share which dye you used and how you did it. I like to try it myself, but never got to it. Now after seeing your fabric I am so inspired to try and hope it will turn out as nice as yours.


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